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I noticed that my laptop power stayed at 6% even though I was on power for over two hours. I checked and noticed this…plugged in, not charging. how should I do?


1) Powering down the laptop.
2) Remove battery and  dv6000 ac adapter
3) Wait a few minutes.
4) Plug power back in and then plug back in battery.
5) See if charger light (blue light in front) comes back on.

If not re-try this.

When charger light comes on, then power up laptop and check for charging.

This had to be done for me with laptop powered off.

Also, if you get it fixed and dv6000 battery charged, remove battery after powered down
as it seems to discharge after not using, more than it should for being idle!

The correct solution is not buy an HP notebook computer.  I have been traveling for work with a computer for almost 20 years now.  I have carried a lot of different brands of computers.  I have never had a battery last just 1 year UNTIL now.  And to add to the insult this computer is one used almost exclusively by my wife who only takes it to her business and home, not in an airplane.  So it has been well taken care of.  I just called HP – no go on any help from them.

My solution – no more HP computers for my family and I can no longer recommend their brand of laptop.  This one will be replaced within the next 12 months.

Two possible problems for this -DC JACK Issue

1: one side of the DC ground is not conntected to the rest of the system, so no circuit is complete to the charging section.

CHARGING Circuit issue

2: bad power controller chip (MAXIM IC) or zener diode in that circuit, maybe bad

Any one with a HP Pavillion 6000 series, who is having certain tech difficulties should go to HP page and search for extended service warranties to see if your system qualifies. I had an issue with my wireless driver and all I had do was to first turn your system completly OFF, then remove the battery, then remove the middle cover (underneath Lap Top) and then remove the wireless card. (You will see it connected to two small cables) remove the cables and the small screws and remove the card and then reinserted the card and close the cover -do remember where the two cables go- . Then turn on your system, -do not put the battery yet- and go to control panel/ device manager/ look for hp dv6000 ac adapter, and see if you see your lan card, once this is done reconnect your battery. If you don’t then contact HP they will fix it for free, even if your warranty expire. They will even pick up your postage!.

If your HP Pavillion dv6000 has a battery that won’t charge yet still turns on when plugged in, turn off the laptop and remove the battery then wait for around 30 seconds, re-insert it and turn it back on, the charging update should say, plugged in, charging.

Word of warning, avoid sending it to HP if you can, as once serviced the warranty resets in 90 days…basically HP is trying to patch its bad hardware which is prone to overheating with a BIOS fix to make the fans run constantly at a low level… instead of turning on and running noisey when the CPU is real hot.

Ultimately the hardware is faulty, and most of these machines will probably have total failure in 2 years… if your running Vista and not MCE 2005 the failure rate will be higher as Vista is more graphics intensive.

if it is still under warranty you can chat with an online hp tech who will check it out over the internet and send you a replacement for free. the hp dv 6000 laptops have a recall on a few problems and there is a bios update to fix it before it happens but will not correct it after the fact the recall on specific problems extends the warranty to 24 months (http://www.udtek.com) should get you to the warranty page

Basically, power down the laptop and then remove the AC adapter plug. Remove the battery, perhaps wait a minute. Then put the battery back in and then plug in the hp pavilion dv6000 ac adapter plug. You then should see the charger light come on showing the battery is charging. Perhaps wait a few minutes before powering on the laptop to confirm that the battery is indeed charging. The problem seems to be in the logic (not sure where, if it is the software driver, etc.) when the laptop is on, it doesn’t get a charge. But with the laptop off, plugging in a battery after it has been removed – it works with a simpler charger system that doesn’t use the computers’s main CPU.

Also second , it is clear with my 6000, that the battery can discharge all the way after some time when powered down even though it had say 50% or more! This is well beyond the normal battery idle loss over time and I suspect the laptop has turned on in some way to drain the battery. So I always remove the battery after I have powered down the laptop, and I have not had any battery problems since then!

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